Terms and Conditions

Will keep this as short and simple as possible.

Any image, by Gaile, that is posted by the website is free to use for all “reasonable” purposes providing, if it is used anywhere else – for any purpose, that credit is given to www.ggp.pics or Gaile Griffin Peers.


a) images may NOT be used commercially (so no downloading them and printing your own colouring book – or colouring them (or not) in and printing them on mugs and souvenirs, then selling them) .

b) images may not be used to defame others.

c) Images submitted by others, providing they are based on pictures by Gaile from this website, or scanned from the books, implicitly give permission that they can be used on the website and/or on Social media – to promote the skills of the colouring artist and the books from which the artwork came. So, when submitting pieces to the website, due care should be taken that the Artist’s attribution is included in the information – If no name or Artist’s nickname is included, it will not be used anywhere, except, possibly, on the website.